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Application ends: July 7, 2022
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Job Description


As discussed, please find below revised details of SF Trainee vacancy.

Job description

WE are looking for a talented Salesforce Trainee, who would design some good Salesforce applications for our evolving CRM requirements. The candidate will be responsible for designing and developing customized solutions within the Salesforce platform.

He/she should have knowledge of any one or more programming languages along with Application Development skills, and the ability to solve complex software problems. Ultimately, as a Salesforce Trainee, the candidate would create dynamic and scalable Salesforce applications that perfectly meet the evolving needs of the company.


  • Meeting with project managers to determine CRM needs.
  • Developing customized solutions within the Salesforce platform.
  • Designing, Coding, and Implementing Salesforce applications.
  • Creating timelines and development goals.
  • Testing the stability and functionality of applications.
  • Troubleshooting, fixing bugs and errors.
  • Writing documents and providing technical training for Salesforce Staff.
  • Maintaining the security and integrity of application software.


Job Specification:

  • Freshers are welcome.
  • of vacancy: 15 – 20
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.
  • Should have knowledge of any one or more programming languages and software development.
  • Knowledge of Salesforce CRM platforms is a plus.
  • Proficient in JavaScript, Apex, VisualForce, and Lightning.
  • Knowledge of MavensMate or Eclipse.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to solve high-level software problems and application issues.
  • Ability to manage projects.


NOTE- This will be an internship for 3 months. The SF Trainees will be getting 10k Stipends per month. After the training period the company will offer a permanent employment on the basis of following parameters;


– During the period of internship, performance will be evaluated on the basis of your assignments and test results.
– Active participation in HIC events or online meetups.
– Activities on Social Media for HIC.
– PD1 Certification clearance during the period of 3 months
– Regular Attendance

On acceptance of permanent employment the candidate is required to agree on the following terms;

  1. Candidate is required to sign a two years service bond agreement starting from the date of appointment.
  2. Salary will be increased on the basis of his/her performance during the training period.
  3. Candidate is required to provide a check of rupees one lakh as a security against Bond. Please note that it is not necessary one lakh rupees should be there in his / her bank account at the time of appointment.